E-Log Plus is a Texas based technology company and the maker of the applications by the same name, E-Log Plus!

E-Log Plus (the Company) is an Android/IOS software manufacturer with a “unique” software application specifically for truck & bus drivers  that is fully compliant with FMCSA’s federal guidelines! E-Log Plus is simple to use - as our slogan says, ‘just like paper, except easier’. This is the perfect application for independent truckers, offering a menu of robust in-App features, with pricing options even fleet owners can love!



The features offered are specifically designed to serve the independent driver. “The design” of the application was conceived with the driver’s convenience in mind … making it easy to read and simple to operate! This application allows each driver choices that best suit the individual driver - like the option to provide your own on-board device (BYOD) or use the rugged E-Log Plus branded Samsung 8” TAB “E.”
The TAB E allows a driver to have the tablet housed in a durable case with a ‘Qik-Release Mount,” which is a requirement and we believe is a safer option based on drivers’ harsh work environment!

Call E-Log Plus for more information: (877) 843-4770